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White Clay

The last thread for this MSC is closed, and all the old posts were for mattress shops. I just saw this company on Jobslinger for a mattress shop. I was able to do a search for all the states w/o registering from the link that jobslinger took me... Continue Reading

White Clay Mystery Shops

Anyone know a little about White Clay Mystery Shops they doing mattress shops in my area.. I heard there is a lot of narrative involved?... Continue Reading

MSM Interview with Ziggy at White Clay... Yet another well-done, interesting interview from Ms. @stilllearning... who always brings out the best in her interviewees. (: For one thing, I love that Ziggy's job title is "Customer Experience [i]Evangelist[/i]. Hahaha! But it fits ~ this guy is *really* into what he does. It was interesting to see... Continue Reading

White Clay

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

White Clay MSC

Hi everyone! I apply for a shop with White Clay. Any information about this company? Thanks!... Continue Reading

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Adv. GFK Goodwin Informa Intelli-Shop International Service Check Jancyn JM Ridgeway Ipsos Kinesis Maritz Market Force MS Services Northfork Pinnacle Presto Metrics Restaurant Cop RBG See Level Service check Service Sleuth Shared Insight Shopper Hub Shoppers Inc. Sinclair Source Strategic Reflections TSS White Clay (Source). February 25, 2019

Friendly, communicative, always a pleasure to work with: DJC, Customer Impact, Service Sense and White Clay. (Source). February 20, 2019

This shop is through White Clay and the Due Date is 2/4/2019. (Source). February 04, 2019

All the shops I have done for White Clay have allowed a 2-6 day window for the shop to be done. (Source). February 03, 2019

This shop is through White Clay and the Due Date is 2/4/2019. (Source). February 03, 2019

Hey, This is Ziggy from White Clay. (Source). July 02, 2018

SCAM! White Clay is awesome and their average fee is $35 for the furniture shop. (Source). July 01, 2018

White Clay is actually a great, real company. (Source). July 01, 2018

Hey, Ziggy from White Clay here. (Source). May 22, 2018

Hey, this is Ziggy from White Clay. (Source). May 12, 2018