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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Wonder Marketing

RAR!! seems to be that they are stiffing me out of $300 for a merchandising assignment... i have filed a complaint where they post... they are a merchandising company and have problems paying their IC's... i have seen several forums about this as early as last year... one had about... Continue Reading

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Services Group Nimble Support Services Peak Techniques Pinkerton Compliance Ramack Scheduling Services Restaurant Evaluators Secret Shopping Services Service Advantage Star Scheduling Total Research Solutions Truss Communications Undercover Essentials LLC Wireless Store Shopper Wonder Marketing Inc (heart) (Source). December 08, 2014

.. watch out for NARMS they dont vet the people they post for... i ran into some issues with them over a group called wonder marketing. (Source). July 02, 2012

.. i was burned by a place called Wonder marketing to do a set up in Sams club. (Source). February 13, 2012

.. im going to see about filing a complaint with the california labor board too... i will looking into the bbb as well... Wonder Marketing, Inc. (Source). August 24, 2011