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mVentix, Inc.

What happened they are no longer doing the Best Buy mystery shopping?? They always paid well... Continue Reading


Has anyone ever worked for them and do you know what happened there has not been shops posted for 4 months now when they used to have them regularly??... Continue Reading

Is mVentix still an active mystery shopping company?

I am looking for new companies and I noticed 'mVentix' on the list below. I like the company's website, but the company has not been discussed on this forum since 2016. Does anyone out there ever do work for this company? If so, do they pay on time?... Continue Reading


Have not received any emails from Mventix for electronics audits. Anyone else get them?... Continue Reading

mVentix Shops Available Emails

Every few days to a week or so, I get an email saying to login and see the available shops before they're gone. For the last month or so, whenever I login (and sometimes it's just a few minutes after I receive the emails) there are absolutely no available assignments.... Continue Reading

mVentix - new to this - confused about certification issue

so I just signed up to work for mVentix. I've never done this type of work before and I read all the stuff I had to read and followed the steps. I "accepted" some assignments and then went to take the certification quiz but it isn't there! Each assignment says... Continue Reading

Has anyone worked with mVentix?

I've searched the threads and can't find anything on this company. They have quite the extensive application process and I'm not sure I want to continue until I know more about this company. Has anyone shopped for them and if so, what did you think?... Continue Reading

mVentix ?

Has anyone worked for mVentix, Inc., based in Santa Clarita, CA? What is your experience with them? How are the assignments? Do they pay quickly? TIA... Continue Reading

Mventix login

Am I crazy? I can't seem to find the login for shoppers on their site! When you go to Login, it gives you a ton of options?... Continue Reading

Anyone heard of mVentix?

mVentix, Inc. is showing up on my jobslinger app. Anyone heard or or had any experience with them? I did a search here that didn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

mventix down

Mventix went down in the middle of my report submission, I think. I just wanted to put it out there somewhere because I don't have an email address or phone number handy and I did not get the report submitted. Hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday!... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked with this company before?... Continue Reading


I just saw this company on jobslinger. Does anyone know anything about them?... Continue Reading

mVentix - contact info

Does anyone know how to reach mVentix? I don't see a help or email feature to ask a question.... Continue Reading


I just signed up with this company and completed two shops. Do all their shops require a non-reimbursed purchase as proof of the shop?... Continue Reading

mVentix completed shops

I did a shop for mVentix last weekend. It's showing on my shop board as completed, but it still gives me the option to edit it. Is this normal? This was my first shop with them.... Continue Reading

mventix certification quiz

I took a quiz, and I have a perfect score on it, but when I go to the assignments section, it still tells me to take the quiz. Is this normal? I've never worked for them before. I dd find it humorous that a quiz was even needed due to... Continue Reading

Shops on Mventix

Hey Guys, I am new on this website but I really need some help. I have been working for Mventix for over 2 years and it has been a great experiance so far. I used to do 50-10 shops every month for them but now I barely see any shop... Continue Reading

Integrity marketing

The above named company just posted a bunch of jobs on Slinger. Has anyone worked with them? This is their web site: Continue Reading

mVentix question

I'm wondering if anyone here who shops with them can help me. I am looking at some shops at big box stores. The instructions have a section about auditing at Sams or Costco which suggests ways to do the audit without being a member. However, later in the instructions, it says... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

mVentix emails on available jobs

I signed up with their company over six months ago. Every week or so, they send out the email that says "mVentix jobs available, sign up now!" Only once, out of the many emails they've sent, have I seen jobs available in my area. I called and... Continue Reading


are all their shops audits ?... Continue Reading


I signed up for mventix and I get these wierd emails. has anyone heard of them?... Continue Reading

mventix shop

I'm about to do a shop for mventix for a big chain client. I have a sizeable list of things I need to make sure are displayed in the store. How do shoppers successfully remember all these items without bringing in some checklist with them? Please share any tips. ... Continue Reading

mVentix - Recommendation

I signed up with mVentix and received an email that redirected me to their site where there is a handbook, certification courses, a quiz. The handbook is 24 pages. Anybody go through all of this? I've shopped for a while, and this is the most I've ever... Continue Reading

mventix- on the other hand

I just spent the last few minutes reading about the CoRI payment problems and the fustration many of you are having because an expected payment has not arrived. Been there, Done that, many times. It just made me think I should give credit to Mventix and they way they have... Continue Reading

MIR Certification Course - USA for mventix?

I just completed an application for mventix and I got a return email that said "To become an MIR, you will need to complete our screening process by clicking on the link below" When I logged in the next screen said..."You are about to enrol yourself as a member of... Continue Reading

mVentix Shop

I am doing a shop for mVentix....big office chain. Have to check a bunch of stuff and I am not sure how much I can say. Has anyone worked for this MSC before? Seems like a LOT to remember. They require a pic but then say it... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard of this company before. If so, what is your feedback?... Continue Reading


Has any body heard of mVentix?... Continue Reading

mVentix and full names

Hi all - I'm fairly new to all this but have been enjoying doing it and reading your comments. I wanted to ask about your experience with reports for mVentix. I've done a couple of blind shops for them. The report insists on first and LAST names. They don't seem to... Continue Reading


Has anyone dealt with this company? Do they have 'good' assignments? Do they pay reasonably? On time? Thanks for your input!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of mVentix

Feedback plus was bought out by Sentry I believe. GFK was bought out by IPSOS but maintains its sassie page now referred to as Sassie IPSOS MVentix went out of Business as far as I know Northfork Research formerly ICCDS is now Buzzagents Phantom Shoppers is now called Confidential Consumer Movie Measure is a new Mystery Shopping Company specializing in Trailor Checks and Movie (Source). January 06, 2020

mVentix went out of business. (Source). November 01, 2018

Tried to log into MVentix this morning and my account was inactive. (Source). August 17, 2018

The jobs for Mventix seem to fly off of their job board within the first 3-5 days of the month. (Source). July 13, 2018

I have not seen shops posted for 4 months now from Mventix, has anyone else seen any? (Source). June 28, 2018

I am looking for new companies and I noticed 'mVentix' on the list below. (Source). May 08, 2018

IntegriRep, for MVentix, Facebook signup page: https://www. (Source). February 03, 2017

Have not received any emails from Mventix for electronics audits. (Source). December 03, 2016

Weird the system would allow. Send them an email requesting the duplicates be removed so you have a paper trail. mVentix is a most interesting company. (Source). August 04, 2016

so I just signed up to work for mVentix. (Source). August 04, 2016