Does anyone know Shadow Shopper website?

I just wanted to try the free trial to see if I can find some more companies I didn't sign up with. I know it isn't worth paying for. But just wanted to look into the free trail. I went to and it doesn't open.

If that is the right website is other people haveing that problem? I mean maybe they are not in business anymore. With everyone being smart about their money these days.



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I actually registered with them about three years ago. I knew an aquantance was trying to be a shadow shopper. I wasn't sure what it was but it sounded fun. I got all the information entered and THEN discovered I had to pay to look for shops. But there is a VERY small disclaimer. Once you list with them, even at the bronze level, (which is free) if a company requests you (due to area or whatever) SS will forward the email. I guess i'm in a rather dry area. I decided to leave my registration there and just forget about it. Within a week I had 3 companies ask for me. They were Maritz, Trendsource, and 2nd to none. After three years I seldom get SS companies but I still do jobs with the first three. So it can be worth the time to register with SS. JUST don't send them money.
I agree with annieamyjaz. I used it to get started and it help me to initially connect and learned about the industry. They have some self pace training courses that I took as well. After 30 days I cancelled. But I really do credit them to providing direction and my first shopping assignments. They also have good resources to merchandising companies.
My account with them is not active, but that's only because I can't afford it right now. I really like SS, and hope to get back with them soon. I found links to shops with them that I didn't find on other MS forums. So many people claim they are a scam when in reality 1) They didn't read the site thoroughly, and thus missed the part that yes, you will be charged after your trial period, and 2) SS is not a mystery shop company,but a job board. You're essentially paying them to sort and organize this information for you.

I recommend doing the trial run, and if you find SS is not for you, then you're only out $5.00. If you're hesitant about using your credit/debit card, then do like I did- buy a reloadable debit card (which you can get at any drug or discount store) and use it instead.
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