Validating Social Security Numbers

I've signed up with a few new companies more than a week ago, and their websites show that my SSN is still pending.

Approximately, how long does it take for one's SSN to clear a system? One site won't let me shop at all, and another won't pay me unless I'm validated.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide!

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I'm signed up with over 150 companies and I've never had that happen so far. Usually I enter my SS# and sign their ICA and then when I get the e-mail that I'm approved as a shopper I can work right away. Are you sure you entered the correct SS#? I'm assuming all they do to validate it is to verify that the SS# kthey were provided is issued in the name you have given them. Does anybody know exactly how they validate the SS#s?
Yes. I am always extra careful when typing in pertinent information. I don't know what the holdup is.
I have had a few that took several days to verify my SS#, but never over a week. I know I had to sign and send in W-9s to a few in order for them to "validate" my SS# - not sure if that is the case in your situation. You might want to try contacting them.
I e-mailed them with no response; however, my accounts were validated a little after a week. I'm baffled as to why it took so long too.
Maybe they saved up a week's worth of applications and did the validations all at the same time and activated everybody from that week the same day.
Do you ever worry entering your SS on these sites or are you working with just reputable/known companies?
As long as you are using the list show when you click the link at the bottom of the page, the blue "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies" you will be applying with a reputable company.
My husband and I just registered as secret shoppers, and the SS# verification came back as cannot match SS# the names ...????
we reentered it thinking we made a typo,, still came back the same??
does any one know what to do next?
Has it been only one company that has had the problem although you signed up with multiple companies? Contact the company and offer to e-mail a scanned copy of your SS card. If multiple companies report a problem with validating your number, contact Social Security, there may be suspicious SS usage.
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