Hi I'm new to this industry completely and had a (probably dumb) question. Some companies ask you to fill out your w9 form. I am not sure if I will be accepting any shops from said companies. DO I really need to fill this out? I'm not even sure if I will accept any shops from them and don't want anything bad coming from it if I do fill it out. I guess I'm just not sure what this form does.

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ok sorry that was incoherent but if anyone has any advice and can understand where I'm trying to come from that would be awesome!
If you Google "what is a W9" you'll get some information. If the company wants a W9 and you don't provide it, you won't get any work from that company.

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A W-9 is just a form that says yes, this is my SSN and I certify that it's mine and I'm who I say I am. Basically. That's not a very technical description.

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