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Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to mystery shopping (I've done shops for a few different companies over the last three or so weeks and been paid twice so far). I signed up on the purple portal of Market Force about two weeks ago, and it asked for a picture of my driver's license for verification. I uploaded the picture, and now two weeks later it's still saying that my account is pending approval contingent on receiving my ID. Does anyone know how long it usually takes them to verify identities?

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It took awhile for the email saying that I was approved, I think abt 2 weeks. And in the meantime, my account was deactivated, lol. So, I'm waiting on an answer to that email.
I'm having the same problem with the website telling me I still need to upload my ID.

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I had the same problem but after about 3 weeks and 2 emails asking why I kept getting that message I got my "acceptance email" yesterday. Hang in there!
I started shopping for them in May. After about a week and a half with no response, I was lucky enough to get a phone call from a scheduler because she needed someone for an assignment. She mentioned that they were very backed up with verifying IDs as it's a fairly new system and that it normally took a while.

Because she needed someone for a shop right away, she had me email my ID to her and have someone at the company override so I could get into the system quickly.

The cons are the pay is not great, but the pros are they are pretty fast with reimbursements and the schedulers are nice and helpful.

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I just recently signed up with them (approx 2 weeks ago) and it took about a week for the ID verification process. Good luck!

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I signed up nearly two weeks ago and still have the ID upload screen on login. For a while, I thought there was a problem with my upload and uploaded it again which may have reset my time. The annoying thing is I get a dozen or so emails a day with assignments that are a short walk from my apartment. I would love to do one or at least read more about them, but I can't get past the ID upload form. I'll just wait "patiently"....
It's been a few months and I'm still waiting. I emailed again, and they responded a day later saying my ID didn't match the state I registered in. I sent them a photo of a piece of mail to my current address, so hopefully they will get me in soon.
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