Marketforce paying in Canadian funds?

I am new here, but have already learned so much. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge.

I live in Canada and have done a couple shops around home for Market Force.
I am planning a trip to the States and was looking up shops there, which got me to thinking. Does MF pay in Canadian or US funds? I am wondering if my Canadian shops will be paid in US, or vice versa.
Does anyone know? I guess one way is to wait and find out, but it makes it less worthwhile if the US shop reimbursements are paid in Canadian funds.

Thanks all.

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"You cannot apply for a work visa on your own without a job offer. You must first have a job offer from a U.S. employer who will sponsor you for a work visa." []

This gets complicated very fast. My understanding is that the questions from USCIS directed towards Canadians entering the US pale in comparison to the questions I (and other US citizens) are asked when entered Canada. I worked for a large multinational company with facilities in Canada. I was allowed to enter for "business meetings" and "business consultations" but could not be paid in any way by the Canadian entity. I could not conduct training, I could not analyze a sample in a lab, I could not install an electrical box in a company office. I gave a professional scientific talk at a University in Manitoba and spent hours explaining that I was not being paid, and that being reimbursed for travel expenses was not payment for work I was doing in Canada.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
A few years ago the question of cross-border shopping was addressed by some of the MSPs. Several of them allowed it with 'proper documentation' and I don't know (never bothered finding out) what that might be. I would encourage you to contact the Market Force Help Desk and ask them your questions.
I know that Canadian shops with MFI are paid in CAN$ but CFI (under MFI also) shops in Canada are paid in US$ by mail. If you are authorized to shop in the US, I would presume that it would be paid in US$ if the shops are in the States. It is better to verify with them before hand.
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