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If our restaurant check ends up being well below the max reimbursement amount, is it okay to tip 30%+ to bring the bill up to the exact max reimbursement amount? Do the MS and clients care? Should I stick to 20% tip at the very most?

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Are you sure the tip is included in the reimbursement? Regardless, I wouldn't tip an unusually high amount just to eat up (no pun intended) the remaining reimbursement. Neither the client or the MSC would appreciate it and you will definitely be memorable. Servers don't forget big tipperswinking smiley

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Read your guidelines carefully. Usually they specify tip amount and how that is stated will determine what they will reimburse. With ACL if they say 15% or 20% they will not reimburse more than that no matter how far short of the total reimbursement you are. Similarly if you tip under the specified amount your shop risks being invalidated even if your bill is over the reimbursement amount before the tip. Another MSP does not reimburse the tip at all, even if you are under reimbursement. It is only going to be sloppy guidelines that leave you open to raise or lower your tip to use all of the reimbursement but no more than that.
Okay, I don't want to stand out, so I'll just stick to 15%-20% unless the guidelines say otherwise. In this case, the tip was included in the reimbursement and my shop has already been accepted. Thank you for the quick responses!
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