Intelli-Shop time limit for completion of report on car dealership visit

I am a new MS. Having done 2 INTELLI-SHOP (IS) car dealership visits, I find the requirement stating "Immediately following your visit to the dealership, you will log on and fill out the whole report, except for the follow up section" a bit unreasonable. Having completed both visits past 5 pm, given a 45 minute commute around rush hour, the need to prepare dinner, eat, take some time to relax, check emails, etc. I am unable to complete the report "immediately". Granted, 12 hours, provided these day-time hours, could offer ample time, but when job visits finish during late afternoon, the 12 hour time limit stretches well into hours past midnight.

Since only allowed to complete the report after receipt of follow ups within 72 hours (3 days) following shop completion, it would be more reasonable to require MSs to complete the report as soon as possible within same time-frame, ideally within 24 hours while visit details are still fresh in one's memory. MSs not taking notes may well have to report within the 12 hour allowance.

I would appreciate hearing comments from other IS MSs having completed shops with same reporting requirements.

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I have always thought this meant that you should fill out the report soon after the shop- like you would on a normal shop- instead of waiting the 72 hours to fill out the report. I have never taken it to mean that I should leave the shop and immediately do the report. I don't think that's feasible or reasonable considering many people do more than one shop at a time. I'm interested in hearing the seasoned shoppers opinion.
I left a shop yesterday that required me to be there until about 8PM and the website says 12 hours or midnight on reporting. I called to make sure with my company I could have an extension because I was almost 4 hours from home and traveling. I arrived home a little after midnight and had my report submitted just around 2 AM my time. No issues, thankfully, but they were understanding in this regard. I actually feel like my scheduler would have let me go to bed before reporting if I had asked her. I was traveling through an area that has an observation range of several hundred miles so no cell, 3g, or the like and aside from finding a McDs or something, options were limited on reporting before I began traveling home.

It's been a while since I've done those reports. If I remember, you cannot send the report in immediately. You have fill out the visit portion, save it, wait for the 72 hours response back period and fill out the reminder of the report to send in the report. A few times I have not filled out the visit portion within the 12 hour frame. I filled out some portions of it, saved it and finished the reminder of the report when I received the response back from the dealer.
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