Hi. I’m brand new here. How to take a photo

Hi all. Just got my first assignment. How do I take pictures of things/people without being noticed?

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These days, everyone takes photos of everything with their cell phones. It was much harder even 10 year s ago. Just hold your cell phone, you can pretend to be reading a text if that helps calm you. turn off the flash and the sound. Trust me, no one will care. If you happen to need the date and time displayed on your photograph (a few MSCs want that) and you have an Android phone, the Android operating system will not do that as far as I have been able to determine. So, download Open Camera (it is a free app) that not only let you add the time and date, but will do a bunch of amazing things if you want it to.

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This topic was discussed on this thread a while back. There are some good suggestions.


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