Newbie in NYC! How am I doing?

So I've created a gmail for secret shopping only, already had PayPal. I read a suggestion on here saying to visit to see which companies are active in your area. I signed up at jobslinger and only saw jobs from a few of the same companies. All required a certain "score", I'm guessing mine is 0 since I just started but couldn't find my score anywhere on the website. It also says I have 0 SASSIE accounts linked. Should I be signing up on SASSIE websites? Any info on that would be really helpful.

I am disabled and looking to do this for some extra cash (about $100 a month) and get to try out restaurants, etc. Since I'm not married and don't have children, overnight hotel shops would be fun. Does anyone know of a company doing them in nyc? I also would prefer jobs that don't require A LOT of talking, like the bank shops or housing shops. Retail and stuff like that is what I'm after.

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