Any good UTube video as a primer?

Th first 3 videos that I watched on utube were so scammy. Does anyone have a suggestion?

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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this video is ok if you skip the beginning of her just talking about nothing.


You are better off going to the new member area of this group and looking at the info for new mystery shoppers. No scammy stuff in there, just a boat load of information.

Start with Presto and IPSOS. Do a few small jobs to get the hang of it. From there just keep building and signing up with more companies. Try some different types of shops, find what you like. Reviewers will give feedback, learn from your mistakes. It gets easier but we all still mess up here and there.

Good luck!
Thx, good video with some important kernels of truth embedded between her ads.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
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