MarketStat was my first introduction into mystery shopping. Unfortunately I did 3 shops for this company and have not been paid. I would not recommend doing business with this company. They owe me $120. I am hoping Scott Sharpe from MarketStat will contact me. Julie

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Search this forum and the other major mystery shopping forum and you'll see a lot of feedback about this company. =/
Welcome to the forum Julie. Thanks for letting everyone know, I hope you have a good outcome.

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I just wanted to say that I just recently got paid from Market Stat. I am very grateful for that.
Sometimes MSC's take over two moths to pay. There are dozens of MSC's who are always looking for good, dependable shoppers. So, my advice is to sign up with several companies or at least check them out. Pick and choose as each MSC has its own pay schedule.
I sent an email on the morning of the 23rd and got a payment notification that evening. Coincidence?
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