Just approved for Jancyn.

Hello, I am a two month bachelor graduate and I do have plans but it requires my schedule to be flexible for the moment. I figured that I also do need some income while completing this projects so now I am here smiling smiley I just signed with Jancyn but there was one assigment that had already been taking by someone in my area. I would like to sign up with other companies so now I am just sifting for legit companies.

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@ Audrialyn... I'm working on it! I slept in this morning! Getting "old" now.. yesterday was the big 5-0, imma gonna need my beauty rest!!

Hello Kala, Welcome to the forums -

Here's your "Welcome to the Forums" letter!

Welcome to the forums - sit back, grab a drink and start *Reading*! It's the best way for you to learn the ropes and get started!!

Try and spend as much free time as you can find READING the forums. Too many new shoppers come in, post 1 time, and then high-tail it out without joining in the group. There is so much valuable information you can find just by visiting (even lurking), and reading!


You are probably feeling somewhat overwhelmed, wondering where to begin. Here are some facts and tips:

1. Mystery Shopping is NOT "quick money" or a "way to make a living". (True, few people do, but they are gone on over-the-road video trips for several weeks at a time, and they BUILT their Reputation by starting at the beginning.)

--> (A) Mystery Shopping is work - hard work.
--> (cool smiley You are self-employed.
--> (C) You pay taxes on ALL of your income (YES, EVEN on that single $7.00 Shop Pay you got from one company you did work for once in the year!).
--> (D) You need to keep a spreadsheet and/or track of ALL of your expenses.
--> (E) You should have an office with a good computer, internet, printer, paper, ink, a good camera (if you decide to get into auditing), or a good cell phone with a camera.

2. You get paid (starting usually) $4.00 to $10.00 AFTER you complete a job, submit a survey free of errors, have your survey accepted, and hopefully had no deductions!

3. You get paid - 95% of the time - 45-60-90 days AFTER your survey is accepted. (There are a few companies that may pay in 30 days, just don't count on it, and it really helps to learn how to balance/budget your future earnings.)

--> (A) Most of the time, you will need to lay out money first. Example - that Fast Food shop? You need to pay in *CASH*. You'll get reimbursed - and also a "fee" - but that will come later (See #2 above)

4. You need proper Grammar, Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation. Yes, that should include our forums. We consider ourselves professionals, even on a forum.

5. READ - pull up a chair and Read. Tired of reading? Don't like to read? Well, you are not going to learn anything unless you start reading. Grab a soda, coffee, tea, whatever your preference and start going through all of the threads - at least threads on the first page of EACH forum. Forums are listed at the bottom of all of the pages.

--> (A) When you get to "New Mystery Shoppers" Forum: [www.mysteryshopforum.com] - there are "Sticky Threads" at the top of this forum. READ through ALL of the information that a long time shopper/member (Flash) wrote for new shoppers. Then, go back and read it again. Some people have been known to print out the information that Flash has written (not all of the follow up threads, just her first post).

6. Get yourself set up with a spreadsheet to keep track of your future jobs. Search here on the forum "spreadsheets" - and you should pull up ideas on how others set them up. You NEED to keep track of your expenses - you will need those for tax time!

7. Get yourself set up with a PayPal account.

--> (A) I would also suggest that you set up an Email ONLY to be used for Mystery Shopping - and use that email to connect with your Paypal account and the one you use signing up with MSC's.

8. I'd also recommend that you start a new checking account - Again, ONLY to be used for Mystery Shopping. At tax time - especially if you stay interested in shopping - you will be SO glad that you had separate accounts! Someone recommended it to me when I first started - and I am definitely glad that I did get one!

9. *ADDED 6-27-2012*: For information on what you can and cannot deduct for your Self-Employment Business - please make sure you DO read the following:


Or go to: [www.irs.gov] and search for "Publication 463"

Have fun shopping - but you do have to do the work yourself. It's the only way you are going to learn - and find out what type of company works best for you.

NOTE: The ABOVE INFO - is just a "very brief introductory" to Mystery Shopping and to alleviate some of your "what am I getting into" moments!

Please take the time to visit the following forums - print out the first post by longtime shopper & member, FLASH, and keep it for your reference & records!

1. Basic Needs for Mystery Shoppers: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

2. A Game Plan for Beginning Signing Up: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

3. Nuts & Bolts of Finding & Getting Shops: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

4. Mystery Shopping & Taxes: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

5. Useful Free Software for Shoppers: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

6. Odds & Ends for Mystery Shopping: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Proud To Be A Soldier's Mom

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Welcome, Kala!

Everything you'll need to get started is in R@iny's letter.

Good luck!

(and Happy Belated Birthday, R@iny!)
Hi Kala, best wishes!! I do lots of shops for Jancyn and they are a great company to work with. Do some research and you'll find oodles of other legit companies!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!! This forum is awesome for newbies.....best of luck to you. Jancyn is awesome -- you started in the right spot!
Yes Jancyn is a good company to start with. Also, always request that you be notified if the shop becomes available again. I've gotten tons of shops because the original shopper cancelled.
Hey Kala!

A couple of places to go to find out about shopping companies are:


Also, there are a few job boards, both on the above sites and on Jobslinger at:

Those have helped me quite a bit, specifically because most of us know what kind of shops we want to do, and the reason why we got into mystery shopping. Those sites allow us to filter types of shops, and sign up with companies who do the types of shops we tend to enjoy the most.

That said, once you find a company to sign up with, make sure to check on the boards to see if there are any problems people here have encountered with said company. You'll be able to gain perspective as to whether you wish to shop for this company, of if they truly are not worth your time.

Good luck, and have fun! This is a really fun business to work in.
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