Receiving Large check in the mail!

Hello my name is Paulette as I guess you knew that by my user name. I received a letter today that was post marked Correos TA Madrid. Ok I do have a few friends who travel to Spain on a regular basis so I opened it inside there was a letter addressed to me along with check that also had my name on it. Well imagine my surprise when I read the check and it was for $1,922.75 to become a mystery shopper. I looked up the LS Management INC and found out that it was a SCAM. I knew this since the post mark was from Spain but the company that sent the check had an address in TN. I looked at several of the Google replies and found your website so now I am posting this on Facebook and any other social media I can find to let everyone know what is happening in the mail. I am also going to the postmaster tomorrow to report the mail since I believe it is Illegal to scam someone by mail which makes it a Federal problem. Just want to give you all a heads up.

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I've had this scam. Phone call and letter came from Ontario. Looked very professional and the woman on the phone sounded very professional. They sent me two $1,400 cheques. I took them to the RCMP, but they said there's no way to track them down. The address would be fake and the phone would be a throw away. Just don't fall for it!!!!
Have just received a cheque for $1,922.75 but was also suspicious of the post mark. Did take a look at the website but didn't activate the cheque.
Thanks for this post. I saw that check and thought yep too good to be true. Alas,it was. So do you take it to the bank or post office? I read about someone who took the check to the bank and let them handle it. Don't know which one to take it to
People have dropped them with police. Honestly, it is probably impossible for anyone to track down or the practice would decreasing rather than increasing. If it was me all of it would go straight into the shredder.

I would suggest using it as toilet paper, but it would be redundant.

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