hello from Jacob

Hello, I'm Jacob.

One day, a couple of years ago, I created this forum.

Here we are.

I live in Seattle. Work at home.

I'm glad to be a part of this community.

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I would love to work at home full time. Mystery shopping opened many opportunities for me but not one that I can get paid to work from home but one never knows. I applied enough, that I have a great merchandising job. Because of mystery shopping help from Jacob and his emails. It is 32 hours and at least I can pick the hours. It has been great.

Thank You,
Thanks Jacob for sending us a reminder to this thread so we can introduce ourselves.

Great forum, though I'm new here and new to mystery shopping, I enjoyed this forum alot. Keep up the great work!
Hi Jacob

Great forum. I come here when I am looking for answers or have a question or even help a newbee. I am glad I could introduce myself. I am further north from you here in Arlington, WA. A great state for working at home. Have been enjoy working for myself for the past 5 years.

have a good day
Hi Jacob I need help. I have done over 1,000 ms jobs for numerous companies but ran into a situation I am being criticisd for and need help. I did a pretzel shop and ordered cinnamon sticks to go. I watched them make them and dip them in the cinnamon tray and swish them around. Took my order and left and went to a friends house for coffee which is a weekly sat. thing. When she ate the pretzel she spit it out it had been covered with salt not cinnamon, someone mixed the trays by mistake. I called the business and told her what happed and please check the cinnamon tray. She apologised and said next time your here I will give you 3 orders and a large coke. I stated as a customer I wanted to make her aware of the problem so some person with Glaucomaa and can't have salt would not get them.
I put all this in my report feeling I was protecting the client from a potential lawsuit, now the company wont pay me and says I acted inapprepiately by calling the shop and to smooth things over with thier client are reassigning it. Can you tell me what I should have done and if I acted inapproapiately, they also accused me of asking the clerk what are you going to do for me which is absurd.The only reason I didnt have one on the way to my friends is I am a type 1 diabetic.

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I wanted to share my thoughts. Numerous times while wearing my mystery shopper hat, circumstances have occurred to me personally, as a customer. To report it directly to the client would jeopardize my anonymity as a shopper, and if that happens, I would likely be prohibited from mystery shopping the location again.

A choice may have to be made. Report the negative in the evaluation and hope it gets the attention it deserves, or also report the negative directly to the client providing my real name - realizing that perhaps I've blown my cover, and may not be allowed to shop that location again. Only once have I submitted the evaluation, and then also submitted a report to the client. My car was damaged in the parking lot by an employee and I could not otherwise have recovered damages.

The shop was a restaurant with valet parking. I received a monetary settlement, and 3 months later, have felt no ill effects from the MSP. The cost of repair was $360 and, to me, was definitely worth reporting, at the risk of not being allowed to shop the restaurant again.
Yes, sometimes you just can't put that kind of stuff in the report. The report is read by the client. You could have stated that salt was used instead of sugar.
I used to do Quiznos and the MSC instructed that any health issue was to be reported to a particular toll free number that was provided NOT to the store and not in the report but a separate email to the MSC.
Since the calling about the salt issue was in your report .....your anonymity was jeopardized. The company prolly couldn't use your report because of this. I prolly would have called the store even though another customer might have let them know but I would have not put any info about the call in my report. It is unfortunate because you were acting like a regular customer but msing can sometimes prove to be challenging when placed in these situations.

I did a grocery shop once and the milk case was to be checked. I noticed a carton of milk......partially opened and it had curdled like cheese. I did report it to the manager of the store. I put in my report that I had seen the milk in my report and separately let the MSC know I had told the manager. My report was accepted as the client would never know I was the shopper since any customer could have seen the milk in the case. If I had put in my report that I told the manager, then the store would have known I was the mystery shopper.
So since, the part of you calling the store after the shop was not actually part of your shop..(the shop basically ended when you left)....I would not have put that in your report. I would have let the MSC know in a separate communication(email) about it. They prolly could have still used your report because the client would not have known that you, who called was the shopper since anyone that ordered the stix would have noticed the salt so the client would still be clueless on who the shopper was.

I believe that I said hello to everyone-but it just got to Jacob. Is that true Jacob? Is it because I checked the Email box?

jrjewelz Wrote:
> I believe that I said hello to everyone-but it
> just got to Jacob. Is that true Jacob? Is it
> because I checked the Email box?
> jrjewelz

Evidently not, I'm sorry. This forum is new to me. But I'll get the hang of it.
Hello Jacob, hello everyone,

Thank you for the invitation. I have been shopping just over a year now. I work from home as a personal care giver, work as a merchandiser, auditor, etc. for an international company, operate a home business, and have now added mystery shopping to the mix! What I like about all the things that I do is the flexibility. No clocks to punch. I have learned a lot from other shoppers!

D. from Nova Scotia
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