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I have tried both of your answers to the CRI test and I keep getting the message you haven't passed the test.


I have tried taking this test too many times, I know I am either wrong or have one question wrong. I have watched this video too many times to count.

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Probably the best path for you is to contact Cori. Advise them of the answers to your test attempts, and ask them for assistance.

Posting information, such as tests, is proprietary, and could be a violation of your agreement. Without reading the agreement, I'm not sure, but may be advisable to review your agreement, and edit your posts, if warranted.

Good luck going forward.
I could not pass one of their tests recently and emailed them stating that I couldn't for the life of me figure out the right answer for two of the questions. It definitely paid to email them. Can't help but wonder if it's the same test that I had such a hard time with.
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