Newbie from Ontario, Canada

Hi! Just started mystery shopping. Only have 2 shops under my belt. Liking it so far but finding that the reports are taking me 2 hours to fill! I guess it will get easier with experience! smiling smiley

Would like to get feedback on what companies have shops in my area. I joined about 20 companies so far but half of them have no shops in my area, mostly all in the US. Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi to another Canadian. I am in Alberta.
Are you signed up with:
consumer connection
CRG Mystery shopping
in touch
premier service
shoppers confidential

Just because they don't show shops when you sign up doesn't mean they won't have them next month.

There really is no short cut to signing up with lots of companies.

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It's almost impossible to know who has shops in your area without signing up for the companies. I'm afraid you'll need to do what a lot of the experienced shoppers have done and just sign up for many, many companies. In fact, a lot of us are signed up with almost every company in the list at the bottom of this page. You can sign up with JobSlinger and it will tell you a few companies that have work in your area but it is by no means exhaustive. Often a company will not have work in your area for a long period of time and then there'll be a bunch of jobs right by you. I know we have quite a few Canadian shoppers on the boards so they might be more assistance with how much work there is in Canada.

Not sure why your reports took 2 hours to fill in. It might just be that with that particular job the MSC required a lot of information. Sometimes reports do take a long time to fill in. For me, most of my reports are only 5-20 minutes. I actually can't remember doing a report that took me longer than that but maybe so when I was a new shopper.
As I went through the list below, I found these ones don't exist. But, my research could be mistaken for whatever reason, I still say, do your own research.

Channel Watch Mystery Shopping
Checkmark Inc
Checkup Marketing
Clear Evaluations
Creative Image Associates
Customer Feedback
Direct Scheduling Services
Extra Eyes Nationwide Inc.
Focus on Service
Franchise Compliance
Harris Teeter
Nation Wide Services Group
Nimble Support Services
Secret Shopping Services
Service Intelligence
Star Scheduling
Wireless Store Shopper

To the best of my knowledge these ones don't operate in Canada.

Ardent Services
Apartment shopppe
At your Service Marketing
BDS Marketing
Consumer Impressions
Service Alliance Inc

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the two-hour report - I have been there. It gets easier. I am not a great "typist" so I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice recognition software program, on Amazon for $65 - great investment because you can speak those long restaurant and hotel reports instead of hunting-and-pecking on your keyboard. I have been mystery shopping for almost a year and have done over 450 assignments in the greater Edmonton area, Red Deer and even Calgary. I love it and have learned a lot. My only advice to you is to join SQM, Sensors Quality Management because they gave GREAT training. They want reports that are too wordy for me so only do a few assignmetns a month for them, but hteir training has made it much easier to be a mystery shopper. One more piece of advice, research Consumer Connection before joining them.
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