Post office mystey shoppers.

Does anybody know which company undertakes Post Office mystery shopping as i'm interested. Also which company undertakes assignments for Tesco, Co-Operative Retail & Sainsbury's.

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When we sign up for a mystery shopping company we agree not to reveal who their clients are.

The rules of this forum also state, not to reveal who the clients are. That is the mystery shopping companies decision when to state who their clients are.

Use the list in blue at the bottom of the page. Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies to find reputable companies to register with.

You will find the businesses you are looking for and many others as well.
Hi, subhan, welcome to the forum. When mystery shoppers register with mystery shopping companies, we are required to sign Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA), which in almost all cases contain a confidentiality agreement requiring that the shopper not disclose the names of their clients and other proprietary information. Because of the ICAs we have signed, and because it is prohibited by the guidelines of our forum, we do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies. But there's plenty of other information available here and it's all free. Welcome and happy shopping!
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