Looking for Mystery shopper companies to do bussniss with

Hi: my name is shelly saxton
I am a realtor looking to do
Bussniss with mystery shoppers companies
Please call me or email me at ss.dreamcastle@yahoo.com
Thanks Shelly's

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Welcome Shelly. This is a public forum meaning anyone can see your email address, whether registered or not. In order to remove it simply use the blue Edit link at the bottom of your post. Are you interested in becoming a mystery shopper or hiring a mystery shopping company?

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I don't know of any to do bussniss with, sorry.

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There is a list of 200 mystery shopping companies at the bottom of each page of this forum. When you click on their names, you will see links to forum discussions of each one. That will help you, if you are a prospective shopper.
Hi I'm a mystery shopper looking for any companies who are hiring mystery shoppers. If you have anything available please contact me Melissa Chatman at: melissa25423@yahoo.com or call me at: 205-720-5239. Ready to work any where in Birmingham, Alabama. I have done some mystery shopping jobs and I really enjoyed them. I would like to do some more.

I don't recommend putting your name, email address, or phone number in ANY email, especially all together, and ESPECIALLY in a PUBLIC Forum!!!! <head smack!!> Edit your post and take these out ASAP, lest you be trolled, spammed, stalked, or have your Name/ID stolen!!

Read the thread before you post!! As Ishmael posted right there above your post, go to the list, apply to ALL the companies on the list, go to their job boards and watch for emails from the individual companies.

THAT'S how to do it. Posting a job request here, is not the way to do it! Posting questions about shopping, introducing yourself as a shopper . . . that's what the forum is for. There is a job postings area you can look at too.

Come on back if you have questions!
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