A restaurant that used to be shopped by Grassroots

Who took over shops from Grassroots and did anyone lose money with them.

Welcome to the forum Wayne! Please do not link the client with the MSC company, even if it's a prior company. The restaurant name has been removed in case you want to continue the conversation about the lost money. There are a couple of threads already on this in the company section if you would like to view them.

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Hi, j67wayne, welcome to the forum. Because mystery shoppers are required to sign Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA), which almost always include a confidentiality clause, we honor our ICAs by not revealing which MSCs have which clients. Our forum rules take ICAs into consideration, and our forum's guidelines prohibit revealing the clients of mystery shopping companies.

Please use the "edit" button at bottom of your post to edit and ermove either the name of the client or the name of the mystery shopping company.

To answer your question, I have not seen another company yet shopping the client you asked about.
And yes, there are numerous reports on shoppers that are waiting payment from Grassroots. They have filed bankruptcy by the way. Details are available in other threads.

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
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