How can I get an idea of what a report entails?

I have been shopping for about nine years. However, most of the shops have been for fast food restaurants. Those are relatively simple and of course, I do them in exchange for a meal. I consider it a trade-out.

Now, I am looking at complex shops such as auto buying and negotiating that pay a lot more. I think that I write fairly well and I do not have a problem with writing narratives. Remembering all of the details is something that I am concerned with for obvious reasons. I want to submit a valid report for the client and I want to make sure that I accurately report how the employees conduct themselves because their jobs are on the line. It helps to know what questions are asked on a report in advance. Finally, I want to be fairly compensated.

I can not get an idea of what a report entails without accepting a shop. However, if I cancel because it is too complex or I do not think that it pays enough, then I am penalized.

Is there a means by which to find out what various reports entail? I realize that they would have to be general in nature due to confidentiality.

One company allows shoppers to preview their hotel and fine dining restaurant reports before applying. That has kept me from applying for those because I think that I would be so busy taking notes and timing everything that I couldn't enjoy myself. This is a little bit of a different situation, but I hope that it provides an example of why I am posting this.

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You can always just ask the scheduler for a preview of the guidelines and report. If they tell you the only way to see them is to have the shop assigned, just be sure to read them as soon as you get the assignment so you can cancel immediately. Most mystery shopping companies won't penalize you under those circumstances. OTOH, if you wait several days it will be definitely be frowned on because you will be cutting into the time available to get the shop assigned.

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I agree this can be frustrating. Especially with the iSecretShop app. I emailed one of the mystery shopping companies asking for information on a shop and they responded with what the shop posting said and did not answer my question. This shop has been on the board still needing a shopper and I visited the location today for parking needs but did it on my own (no shop involved). I will not argue with a parking attendant for a lost ticket scenario (which is what some MSO's want done) but am more then happy to do parking lot shops if it is asking about service, receipts, cleanliness, ect. Sadly with the iSecretShop app you are penalized if you cancel for any reason even if it is 5 mins after being assigned.
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