Freeman Group's Payment Schedule

I know I shouldn't have with their payment issues, but I needed a hotel room and the chance to get a free one with a shop with Freeman seemed like a good risk (I was going to pay for the room anyway). If they haven't fixed their payment issues and don't pay on time, I intend on calling them every day starting 1 day after they should have paid me.

But, stupid me, I lost the contract and I can't find it on Prophet now. Can anybody tell me how many days after a shop they pay and if they pay by check or paypal?

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My last few payments from them have been via Paypal. Your email about the job may have the current pay schedule. My last job for them it was supposed to be 8 weeks, but that was November 2009. I would suggest the following: 1) Make sure that you have emailed your invoice to them and request that they acknowledge receipt of it. Ask in the email when you should expect payment. 2) If you have already emailed your invoice, send another email within a few days asking politely if they received it and when you should mark your calendar to expect payment. 3) If you don't receive a response within several days, go back to your copy of the sent email and 'forward' it to them again marked SECOND REQUEST. What you are attempting to do is up front have them acknowledge receipt of your invoice and that they have all needed documentation from you. That avoids the "we never received . . ." issue later.
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