Hi I am in the process of joining ath Power Consulting Corporation but was asked to enter my SSN. Is this part of their requirement?

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First, are you sure that this outfit is a legitimate Mystery Shop company? Did you find them or did you just get an email from them?

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Yes, it is a part of their requirement, unless you give them your EIN. It is a legit company. How else would they verify who you are and, more importantly, how else would they pay you?
As long as you are registering on the company's secure website, no problem. Ath is a good company. Below is a list of abut 200 companies to sign up with. Most of them will require either a SS# or EIN before you get paid for any work with them. In fact, because they are required to keep track of and report what they pay, for tax purposes, be suspicious if they don't ask for your SS or EIN. Most of the scammers who send checks don't ask for your information because they don't plan to pay you and they don't pay taxes on their income after they've scammed you.
I don't recommend getting an EIN. Another shopper ended up having problems from her city wanting her to get a business license to work from her home. You don't NEED an EIN to be a shopper.
Hi, and welcome here. I will echo what others have said: as long as you sought out their website it is fine to give them your SSN. Most companies I've registered with have asked for my SSN.
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