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I have been doing Mystery shopping for 7 yrs with one company but just recently moved to PA am trying to find a good company that has alot of shops near me I have signed up with alot of companies top 10 but thinking I might be missing a few any ideas?

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One company will rarely have enough work if you want or need to stay busy. Many of us are actually registered with 150 or more. Start with,, and ISecretShop. Those are job boards which cover a bunch of companies. While the actual assignments are often stale, you can still use them to see who is offering the most work in your area along with the types of shops. It is a great way to start targeting companies.

Once you have exhausted those, plan to spend a little time each week signing on with new ones. Even if a company has nothing of interest right now, clients change MSCs. You also may find the occasional lucrative project with a company that doesn't regularly have clients in your area. There are several MSCs I have been with forever yet only work with every couple of years because of a special project. Since those projects tend to pay hundreds of dollars, they more than paid for the five to ten minutes it took me to register.

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