New from St.Louis with a question about Intellishop....

Hello everyone, I guess I signed up for Intellishop at some point. I got an odd text a couple days ago and then a letter today.

Is Intellishop a mystery shopper scam? They sent me instructions with a check deposit and go to XXX and do a transfer for over 3/4 of the check and the rest is my compensation. Is this how they work? Is this real? Should I take the check directly to a US Bank and cash it rather than doing a mobile deposit. Plus they say I have three days to do this task. Is that how they work. I work multiple jobs during the week and only free on the weekends to shop.

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Uh oh. That wasn't from intellishop, someone is fraudulently using their name to try and scam you. They don't pay in advance, to begin with. And, in order to get work with them, you first have to go to their website, [] and sign up, then you have a user name and password to log in and get assignments. They sometimes send out email postings for jobs that you apply for which generally pay $10-$20 per assignment. If you are accepted for the job, you are assigned online and go to their website to view the guidelines and report, you do the assignment, submit the report on the website, and then get paid several weeks later.

Mystery shopping companies do not pay in advance for work. This is a scammer trying to get your money. The check is fake.
It's a scam. Do not deposit the check. Do not do the task.

If you are interested in mystery shopping and just getting started, reading this forum from cover to cover is a great place to start.



Please read the links above for more information on this well-known scam. Do not deposit this check, as it will initially clear but later be found as fraudulent and you could be in some serious trouble, both financially and legally.
Thank you everyone for the fast response.I seen a number of red flags.

1.) The name did not ring a bell. I take on-line surveys and follow glitch and deal groups often. And never seen this corporation's name.
2.) The letterhead was printed on a cheap inkjet printer.
3.) The text message was not broken english but out of sync like voice to text off.
4.) The task to "Test" Walmart2Walmart transfer speed. The instruction gave me two people to send in Arlington Texas but the letter came from West Virginia seems fishy.

I am just trying to figure out how they got my address and cell number and texted me as if they were tracking the package and knew I received.

The sender is a real person at the address given going by a search.
I'd contact the FTC about it and turn the check over to the post master at your local post office, as it is mail fraud. They have a really hard time catching these people, though. Glad you are a sharp individual and didn't fall for this.
Hey, Intelli-shop is a real mystery shopping company, though, but it's common for scammers to use a real company name to try and dupe unsuspecting people. There is a link below to a list of companies that are real MSCs. You just need to go directly to their websites to sign up.
That is a scam. No legitimate MSC would do that.
However, the REAL Intellishop (uses Intelli-shop) is a good company to do work for. Their reports are generally easy, and schedulers/editors are very responsive. I've never had trouble getting payments on time from them.
Follow up on this. I wasted time with these people till I could report them. During so I sent them an altered date moneygram receipt from the boston bomber didn't know who he was. They said I was "scammed" and to get their money back. LOL
LOL. So who did you report to, and what did they say? I am glad you came back to let us know, so many people in the past have come in and posted about it but then never returned.
Hi, ccsucher. I'm from the St. Louis area, too. Whereabouts are you located?

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
I'm in Manchester.
@ccsucher wrote:


Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
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