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Hi Micheal! Down at the bottom of the page there is a link for new shoppers that is very informative. There is another link to a list of companies you can sign up with. Happy shopping and welcome to the forum!
Hi Everyone I am new to this but it seems like it could be interesting to do. I appreciate all the advice and tips you have.
I would love to know what brought you all to the forum, and how many MSCs have you signed up with?
Well, I was looking for online shopping forum and saw Mystery Shop in the search term. So I signed up myself here.
Well HELLO Ya Alllllll.
This seems like a great way to share information and learn from a lot of others that have their Time in the Field already, so to say.

I have learned over and over, that the best way to learn is make your efforts and learn as you go and ask from those with more time.

So Howdy from Jon in Denver!!!
I grew up on a farm, so Mommy and Daddy had me out and about at 5 years old. Since then I have done Business Sales, Law Enforcement, Business Management and am still a Freelance Professional Photographer that was started before College and the beginning of work time.

I will learn as it comes about, and I appreciate EVERYONE'S time and knowledge.

Be well and let us keep it going.

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