Brand New to all of this!

Hi everyone!
I literally signed up yesterday. This is all new to me, so I will be reading the posts, but if there's anything you want to share with me, I'm all ears. Advice, suggestions, anything! Happy to be here!

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Welcome, Soccermomma! We are glad you are here. About the only thing I can share with you is that you will find what shops work for you and which will not and what companies are best for you and which are not - as you get going. Reading the forum posts will help out a lot and signing up for companies that are listed on the bottom of the page under "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies" will help you a lot. I hope you will get involved in the forum and hope you enjoy!

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.

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Thanks so much! I figure I will start out slow and see what works! I received my first assignment for this weekend from one of the companies that is listed so that’s a great sign. Thanks! ????
Also, please be sure to go to the New Mystery Shoppers area of the forum and read, read, read, the topics pinned to the top of the list there. That will give you a big head start on understanding your new business venture! Enjoy !!

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