Just Stopped By To Say Hi

Hello there. I've been a mystery shopper for a while, but just found this site. I'm liking all of the info that I am finding on this site and I'm finding a lot of things that I wished I knew before I started being a mystery shopper all those years ago, lol. So, hello people. It's really nice to be here and I hope to be a shopper for a long while.

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"... just found this site." - LoraLion New Participant 9y

I don't get it. Please enlighten me.
I was guessing she meant she signed up and introduced herself years ago when she first started shopping and learned from it but then got into MSing and forgot about the forum. And then stumbled on it again and stopped by to say hi. Anyway ...... welcome back, LoraLion. It's always nice to see old friends back. Hope you stick around for a while.
You survived 9 years without us, many changes in the industry, so you'll get a lot of info, welcome.

Live consciously....
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