Hi There!

Hello everyone! I'm new to the mystery shopping world. I'm super excited to get started and to have found this group! I have my first shop scheduled for tomorrow, so I've been doing a lot of reading and taking notes on things mentioned here. I can't wait! I'm definitely excited and a bit nervous. Wish me luck!

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Welcome to the forum! We are glad you are here! Welcome to MS as well. Good luck on your first job. Come back and let us know how your job went.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Welcome. Enjoy ! You are among friends.

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Hello All!

I just wanted to give you all an update. I completed my first weekend of shops, 5 to be exact. 1 phone shop and 4 in person. I was so nervous and the very first one that I did in person I get an amazing review and rating from the evaluator. I'm so excited! I'm loving this! Thanks for the encouragement.
I am glad you had successful shops! I am glad you enjoyed it. Keep on keeping on! I am proud of you!

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
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