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Hi, I'm lowcloud. I started mystery shopping part-time nearly 20 years ago, when my kids were young. Now that they're mostly out on their own and I drive a vehicle with decent gas mileage, scheduling shops should be much easier. I recently signed up with a few more MSCs and hope to do a lot more shops this year if I can get organized enough to do them well. I was searching for spreadsheet ideas to help with that and found this forum. After poking around a bit, I figured I'd join and say hi. So again, hi!

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Hi ! You came to the right place. There's a ton of helpful info here. Read, read and read more.
Hi, lowcloud. Welcome. I am in a similar situation. Rejoining the MS community after about 10 years and getting more serious about it. You will find a lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same. The first thing I did was groom my previous list of MSCs and join some new ones. You will find many companies have shut down, consolidated or moved to new platforms. So if you have some favorites that you used to shop with, they may still exist but now have a different name.
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