Hello,I'm new to this and just wanted to ask how would I know if a real assignment is assigned to me? How would it be sent out thru postal or thru email?

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If you get anything via regular postal mail (i.e. a check) from a MSC and you haven't done any work, it's a scam. You have to sign up with a MSC (mystery shopping company) through their website, at which time you will be given (or choose) a username and password. Then you can apply for various assignments that you will report on their website, and you will get paid about a month later (some MSCs pay faster, some slower). Your average shop fee is about $20 per assignment. So that's how you know if it's real or if it's a fake scam. No one pays in advance for work and if it's a real shop it doesn't pay a crazy fee like $300 (unless you are doing covert video shops).

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Once you sign with up with MSC's and apply for jobs, you will get emails confirming the assignment. Sometimes, you may get a job and sometimes you won't. In any case, any reliable MSC would send you an email stating a due date for the assignment. Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the information here as helpful as I have in the past year.
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