Hi. New here. What are your favorite companies to shop for?

I've been with Trendsource for years but recently started branching out to other companies after being laid off from my full time job. I'm in rural Ohio so the number of shops is limited. sad smiley I am really liking IPSOS so far, others not so much. Any advice/suggestions from more experienced shoppers out there?

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I'd suggest getting on a couple of platforms like Isecretshop and Sassie. Also, Maritzcx is reputable and nearly everyone I have ever met loves them.

What types of shops are you interested in?

Many of the experienced shoppers are not going to share their "favorite" MSC with you as it is a significant part of their income stream and they have taken time to develop a good relationship with the MSC. Moreover, we all have different preferences and needs which leads us all to have very different opinions of which MSC's are the best. In other words, my favorite might be a real stinker to you.

I suggest that you sign up for as many companies as you can. Folks who have been doing this for a long time are with over 100. There is a HUGE list linked at the bottom of this page. All of my favorites are on that list. Start with the "15 Most Discussed Companies" as they are all larger companies that are likely to have work near you - even in rural Ohio.

I made a much longer post on the "New to Mystery Shopping - Questions" thread that might be useful to you. I answered an inquiry about how to maximize earnings.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Thanks. I am just starting to find out what's out there. I like a variety, especially on-site inspections, restaurant shops, retail, inventories, etc. I get nervous doing covert shops where I have to follow a scenario that is way different than who I really am.
@buddy-69 I would recommend that you just sign-up with a bunch of MSCs and test which MSCs you like. Every shopper has different opinions about different MSCs (Take a look at a recent discussion about International Service Check as an example. Some shoppers clearly don't like them while others do). You might like a MSC that another shopper does not care for.
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