Hi I'm a 32yr old single mom of 3. Who's just wanting to make some extra money on the side. I am extremely new at this could really use some one on one help thanks

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I'm not sure anyone can give you one on one help with mystery shopping. Read the forum, it has lots of helpful info. Start in the New Mystery Shoppers thread.

What kind of money do you expect from shopping ? A little, more, etc ? Shopping does takes time and work. Do you write decently ?
First, do some reading. There is a "New Shoppers" area in this forum with a ton of information for you - it will really give you a good overview of mystery shopping. Second, you will need to sign up for legitimate companies. There is a huge list linked at the bottom of this page. I suggest starting with the "15 most discussed" as they are all larger companies with work nation-wide.

There is a huge amount of information shared daily on this forum. Follow conversations. Ask questions. It's not hard to get started and this is a great gig for somebody who needs flexibility.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Like mentioned above the new shoppers area of the forum is great.. It really was informative when I was new. Is there anything specific you need help with or a question? If you can explain we can try to help..
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