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Hi there!

I've dabbled in mystery shops in the past (hotel audits, apartment/rest home tours, haircuts, even an ER audit) and made some good money -- but I'll admit I was never that serious about seeing this as an actual business and saw the shops as an occasional novelty.

Recently, however, I found myself in a life transition and would like to approach mystery shopping as a source of regular work (I realize I'll have to greatly expand my current network of MSCs and look into doing multiple shops a day).

I'm looking to get much more organized in my approach to mystery shopping and would also like to become more tech savvy (I just got my first cell phone two weeks ago and have previously done all of my reports from handwritten notes or audio recordings that I later typed out). Schedulers have always complimented my reports, but they did take a long time to write and I'd be interested in learning better strategies to manage my time more efficiently.

I just purchased the Mystery Shopping Bible spreadsheet and would like to know of any other resources and/or tips on how to get more regular work as a shopper. If anyone could direct me to any useful threads or discussions on becoming more organized and successfully do multiple shops a day, that would be a great help!


PS As a side note, I do have Silver Certification through MSPA. I have heard that if you update/change your email on any of the MSCs you already have an account with, you could lose your certification, Is this true? (I got a new email to better organize any new shop alerts and wanted to know if switching to it would hurt my standing with some of the MSCs I'm already affiliated with)

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Welcome. I would not worry much about the certification. Most MSCs care little about it, or the gold one. Just being reliable, objective and writing well outweigh certs every time. As you read the forum posts you will find that most here share that opinion.

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Greetings and Welcome!
Mystery shopping can be a steady source of income. If you have not done so, check out the list of MSC's linked below. There are over 200 of them. It will take some time, but once you have most of them, you'll get a good sense of work in your area - and beyond.

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