Traveling Family Looking to Supplement

We are a traveling family across US. College educated and looking to supplement our costs for the year. I have known others that have been secret shoppers but have never done it myself. I signed up for Market Force and downloaded their app. I find it easy to use and seems like it will work for us to find opportunities on the move. If anyone has any other suggestions for companies that offer searches for jobs while moving to different locations I would appreciate it.

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Here's the deal: There are over 200 companies. The more with which you register, the more work you will see. At the bottom of this page is a huge list. If you start with the "15 Most Discussed" you will have a bunch of the larger companies (MarketForce is the largest) and start to get a sense of the variety of shops available. If you want to get a sense of what the world of mystery shopping really is, check out the "New Shoppers" area of the forum.

Most of the following are shopped:
Retail Chains
Chain Restaurants
Gas Stations
Apartment with large management Companies
Car Dealership
Shipping Companies (uncluding USPS)
Grocery chains
New Home Builders

Good luck!

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
This sounds like a fun adventure! Add my favorite hobby/obsession- mystery shopping..sounds like a blast! good luck..yes more companies
Thank you, I did dig into the New Shoppers area and with only a couple hours into this forum I am feeling better about it all and finding lots of helpful information. Working on getting signed up with many of the MSCs, reviewing the spreadsheet that was linked in the one pinned post, and digging for more gold comments and information. Thanks for responding.
Just a thought for the future... Family vacations can be wonderful, fun, stressful and unpredictable all at once. It can be hard to plan extra stops (i.e. shops) while on the road while juggling other family needs (bathroom, carsickness, "Hey! Can we stop and look at THAT?!). However, at home you have a more controlled environment and can plan more efficiency. Once your trip is over, consider shopping a little on the side: Make a stop on the way home. Shop a location where you have to go on an errand anyhow. Etc. Then, put all your shopping money into a separate account (which you can get paid to open with a shop!) and, when you have enough saved up, pay for your next vacation.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
The Field Agent app is good for finding available shops while you're traveling. They don't pay much, but they also don't require advance preparation.
Some companies have apps that you can use to input your shops. I would look for those - you dont want to get dinged because you cant get to a computer on time.
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