Shopping assignmens in Wisconsin

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There are mystery shopping assignments in every state. Start signing up with the companies on the list at the bottom of the page and you'll start to see what's available.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
Yes, there is mystery shopping available all through Wisconsin.

If you haven't done so already, consider reading the pinned posts in the "New Shoppers" area of the forum. These will give you a good overview of the mystery shopping world. Thereafter, check out the link to the list of mystery shopping companies at the bottom of this page - there are over 200. Start with the "15 Most Discussed" as that list has some of the largest companies with shopping opportunities everywhere. Thereafter, sign up with a few each day and you'll start to see a lot of available work near you.

You can also read the forum. When companies get discussed in a way that intrigues you, sign up for them. If you sign up for an MSC that does not have work near you, don't get discouraged: They could have something next month, next year, etc. I live in a large city and most MSC's do not have anything near me currently. However, I am signed up with over 130 companies and have access to more work than I could dream of doing. wrote:

I'm from Wisconsin and would like to know if there are any Mystery Shopping assignments in Wisconsin.

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