Hello from Mckinney TX!

Hi All!
I'm fairly new to the Mystery shopping world but am getting my feet wet a little at a time. I've done a handful of restaurant shops and a call center shop but thats it. I'm working my way up to hotels but I understand its a different beast and I will need to do smaller properties first. I can't seem to find clothing shops though- anyone have any recommendations?

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Hi - Welcome to the forum ! You'll find lots of info here. To really get a variety of shops you'll have to join as many companies as you can. By reading the forum, you'll get an idea of what company does what.
Hi and welcome. I'm in Dallas, There are a lot of shops, several clothing stores. Keep signing up with MSC's
You should pretty quickly start finding retail clothing shops once you start registering for a bunch of MSC's. Folks who have been doing this for a while are registered with well over 100. There is a great list linked at the bottom of this page. Start with the "15 Most Discussed" as they are larger companies with work pretty much everywhere.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Thanks so much for info. I'm trying to find some extra work that's also FUN and where I can make a profit
Not sure if they are still shopped, but 3 years ago I used to shop the Fuzzy's at Plano Pkwy. I really liked the food. Smashburger in Allen on the East side of 75 and a non-fast food place in the same complex. Also another really good Italian restaurant off Coit and Plano Pkwy called Casa something, the owner was the chef. Neiman was shopped and so is Texas Roadhouse currently. Jack in the Box and McDonalds were also shopped when I lived in Mckinney/Plano.

Just remembered the Cajun and Mexican and Steakhouse Dallas chain are all shopped. Long detailed reports but great food and drinks. I used to shop all three of each locations in Dallas.

If you sign up for the top 20 MSCs, you should see these shops.

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