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To the more experienced shoppers out there, what gadgets have you found most valuable for your shops in terms of cameras, timers and voice recorders? I'm fairly new to the industry and I struggle with timing things to the second. I've also received feedback that my pictures are slightly blurry. So I'm curious what everyone else is using. Thanks

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+. I just use the stopwatch built-in app mostly, though I have another one I downloaded from the app store for free. It's got a superb camera. I also got a free voice recording app from the Playstore, but I don't use it often.
Thanks for the tip. Having everything on one gadget would be great. Thought I'd need to get a bunch of different things.
I have a tiny Olympus Voice Recorder. When I need down-to-the-second timings, I conceit on my person (In 2 party states it will then not pick up the other person's voice clearly). At crucial time in the interaction I will say things like, And good morning to you," marking when they greeted me, and parroting exactly what they said.

It has a retractable USP connection. I can extend that to plug it into my computer, where it displays second-to-second my voice clues. Granted, I do very, very few "timing" shops, and this might be time consuming to scan thru to write a report. But, that recording is a very tangible proof of the timings. If I recall correctly, I got the recorder for about $24 at Best Buy. Try re-sellers for used ones.

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