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Hi Everyone, I have just retired and thought this would be fun to do. My daughter has done it for years and loves it. I am currently just with Market Force. Would love to know everyone's favorite company to work for and why.

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Welcome! Everyone had a different favorite becasue everyone shops for different reasons.

Marketforce is good for newbies, becasue they have easy shops. However, their pay is LOW. Once you have become confident with some of their shops, I suggest that you look at the bottom of the page to find a list of the 15 most discussed MS companies (MSCs) and sign up with all of those (except any that are most discussed for negative reasons, of course.).

Also, you will get a big head start by reading all of the topics "pinned" to the top of the list in the New Mystery Shoppers area of the forum.

Most of all, enjoy !!

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Hello everyone I have always been interested in mystery shopping, thought it would be fun and I love to shop when I have the exact money lol especially for grand-babies. l currently work in a factory that I have been with for 20yrs and that factor has taken a toll on my health so it is time to get out of it and do something different something fun and just might be what I am looking for, I live in Chapmansboro TN49 with shopping with in 30 minutes from Nashville and Clarksville TN49 so in a great area to start, and I love talking and interacting with different people. I am happily married 33yrs 2 boys ages 30 and 33 and 7 beautiful grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them. And Give thanks to God for everything.
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