Good evening from Chicago!

Hello everyone,

I am new to the mystery shopping experience! I wanted to try this because I have a little too much free time on my hands when I am not working at my full time job. I am currently enrolled with a couple of companies from the Official List down below, and through a couple apps on my phone... I think I am a little nervous about not being able to meet expectations (especially with some of the essay/paragraphs that are required for some of these shops), but I will get better with time, right?!

Anyway, I am happy to be part of this community smiling smiley

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Welcome! You are correct. Writing objective comments and learning how to satisfy the shop guidelines in the report will both improve with practice.

Enjoy !

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Expession, from Omaha Ne. 8.16.2019
I've been intrested in becoming a Mystery Shopper for years. I needed the how too, so I through I would checkout MSF and get information. I found Mystery Shopping complicated for what the discussions say about getting paid, and finding work, and filling out the paper surveys. However, I'll do a little more homework before I say its not for me. I hope to fit in!
Welcome OP, I love Chicago and yes, working ,more brings better reports which bring better jobs...enjoy!!

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You'll be FINE.. Start off small and work your way up. Take your time. Don't load up on shops until you get the hang of it. Ignore the words, "fast, easy,fun" in any shop description.
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