Becoming a mystery shopper

Hello All,
I have been made a victim of a mystery shopper fraud.
I would very much like to be a mystery shopper.????
I would appreciate your help with your advice on how to become a legit mystery shopper.


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Welcome. You will find answers to many of your questions when you go to the New Mystery Shoppers area of the forum and read the topics that are "pinned " to the top the list there. That will also help you to forulate more specific questions about how to gain experience and make $$$ at MS.

Enjoy !

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Hey, Cubphan, you weren't a victim because you didn't fall for it. You are only a victim if you deposited the check and got ripped off, which we advised you not to do in the Norton Norris thread.

In the thread where you asked about Norton Norris, we told you to go to the link for new shoppers at the bottom of this page and also about the link leading to the list of companies you can sign up with. Have you done that yet?
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