Informa Research Services is happy to be here!

Hi all!

Andrew with Informa Research Services signing in. I wanted to let everyone know who we are and what we're all about!

We've been around for 27 years and are one of the leaders in Financial Market Mystery Shops. We specialize in banks, credit unions and other financial products.

Our mystery shops range from teller/banker shops to new account openings to small business shops to loan inquiries. We do it all! While they always pay well, these shops also give you great information that you can use for your own banking needs!

We have a great track record with our shoppers, pay on time (usually 30 days), and there is always a friendly, professional scheduler in the office to help you.

To learn more about Informa Research Services go to You can visit (Informa Mystery Shops) to sign up as a mystery shopper today!

Thanks so much. Great to be here!

Andrew Koch
Informa Research Services

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