Hello / Looking for apps for mystery shopping & merchandising

Howdy! According to my profile - I joined 9 years ago (?). I guess I haven't been active in years and I'm just now wandering back in here.

I live in Del Rio, TX (78840) and am looking to get back into mystery shopping and merchandising more than I have been doing. However, since I've been away, I notice that a lot of companies have gone to apps for both types of work.

Some of the companies I remember and am trying to rehook up with (going through old emails) are: Kern Scheduling, and...shoot - I forget who else now!

What are the apps/companies you work with the most or recommend as not having lots of issues?

I'm currently on Presto, GoSpotCheck (I think that is the name) and Survey.com .

Thanks for any help you can give. I'm so looking forward to getting back to having a somewhat full schedule!

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Most MSCs are not using apps for their reporting. So, signing up with more MSCs is you open road to success. At the foot of the page there is a list of almost 200 MSCs. There is also a list of the 15 most discussed ones, which may be the best place for you to start signing up.

To check out what shoppers have to say about most MSCs, you can just tske a quick search on the company name.

My favorites here in the DC/MD/VA area (aka the DMV) may ot be very ative in your area, so trying out whoever has shops near you will be the way to go.

Here is a rule-of-thumb for getting a great start: on any day when you want shops but do not have any, just go to the list and sign up with 5-10 more MSCs. In addition, you can do searches in the forum on industires, like banking, to find discussions of what MSCs have bank shops. Since your area has banks, you will probably find bank shops if you sign up with all of those.

Most of all, ENJOY !!

Based in MD, near DC
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