California AB5 bill for independent contractor s

Hi there everyone!
I am a fairly new shopper (6mos). I like it and am wanting to get his thing going.
I am apprehensive now that California wants to reclassify contractor work if the individual is working for a company that's main course of business depends solely on independent customer service research contractors. Versus the "client" who are large companies and their main course of business is not customer service metrics. I am concerned that the MSCs will not be able to offer shops in California without making the shoppers their employees. If MSC are like middle men, it would make sense that is shoppers would contract directly with the client companies and the companies could do so legitimately without making us employees because their main purpose of business is not customer service research.
What are your thoughts on the AB5 bill in California and mystery shoppers opportunities there?

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Welcome to the forum. There is a very long thread on this subject and a couple of shorter one. If you use the search function for topic, set to the "last year" time period, those will pop up.

Meanwhile, remember that there are probably years of litigation standing between now and any implementation of that law.

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