Howdy from sunny San Diego

New to mystery shopping in the San Diego area, just joined the Forum, thanks to everyone for posting great content - this is helping me tremendously as I don't know anyone personally who does MSing. Got 2 assignments pretty quickly from Coyle (less than 10 hours from signing up!)... Going to shop a restaurant and a bar/lounge tomorrow and Tuesday. The pay is pretty low at $15 but hey - best excuse to take the wife for 2 comped nights out!!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum. New to mystery shopping and taking assignments from Coyle is pretty ambitious. I hope you do well! There are a few threads here about Coyle and their writing requirements. Be sure and browse them because I hear they have detailed/strict requirements. That being said, once you get your foot in the door, I hear they have some pretty awesome assignments. Best to you!

Thanks for the heads up. I actually found this Forum by Googling Coyle assignments and have read several threads on their requirements. They provide sample evaluations and you are right, they are fairly extensive - and you are also right that they have some pretty awesome assignments. Putting my best foot forward on these first two!
Hey, please make sure to read all resources available on the Coyle site and keep the handbook (online resource) open while doing the reports. If you have questions, there are Coyle experts who are members of the forum. Have fun!
Nice smiling smiley I was sent to two places in downtown SD this week. I'm doing another in Carmel Valley tomorrow morning. That was A LOT of writing to do for a restaurant group but I guess my total comp plus fee was around $170 so worth it IMO...

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