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There is too much of it for one post! grinning smiley

This board dedicated to Newbies contains a great deal of information. Specific information about companies, clients, job types, and shopper preferences are sprinkled around the forum.

@NeeNeeBost wrote:

Just wanted to say hello. Any words of wisdom for this newbir?

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Welcome aboard. The forum has an area to provide important tips and information to new shoppers. It is called New Mystery Shoppers. The 12 or so subjects that are "pinned" to the top of the list there will give you a big head start. At the foot of each forum page, there is a list of almost 200 mystery shopping companies (MSCs) that you can sign up with. Because so many clients have closed due to the Covid-19 problems, right now there are very few jobs available. Try to sign up with as many MSCs as you can to maximize your view of what is available.

AND, always remember that everyone here is a volunteer and most will be very helpful if you have specific questions. All the best to you as you start this exciting adventure.

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