Hi! New mystery shopper & interested in full time!

Hi, I am new to mystery shopping & thank you to this community for this forum full of excitement & tips! I never thought mystery shopping would be so fun, but this unique story on Reddit really helped me to get a perspective of mystery shopping actually being fulltime just as long as your dedicated. Has anyone ever lived the mystery shopping full time lifestyle? An amazing reddit post actually opened my perspective to mystery shopping & I've always been into having fun while earning. I have plenty of time on my hands & pretty much my own choice on what my niche will be in freelancing, but I plan on really making a move into where I want to stay and be comfy in with how I make income, to the point where it can definitely become me fulltime!

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Making enough in fees to cover your bills can be done. Just depends on how flexible you can be in your expenses and areas of the map you are willing to travel. In my opinion though, I would never believe that even if I got to be 'comfy' this month - there are NO guarantees that you will be at the same level next month. The clients could drop off, msc get bought up and now pay lower levels, you tell a local friend who tells a friend about your side hustle and now you have competition for fees in your area. There are alot of variables to making this have a consistent cash flow you can count on. I've always kept my traditional w2 job, many months I can beat these earnings with MSing on the side, but not always. I do get some great life experiences MSing that not alot of people get to have - but experiences don't put cash in my bank account.
Thank you. I'll keep flexibility in mind when answering for higher paying MS. So far the best advice I've taken is to sign up for as many mysteryshop companies as I can to see the options I can work with.
Also, please remember that many MSCs will not allow newer shoppers to see better paid oppotunities until the shopper has a significant record of on-time, shops with high ratings. So, be sure to keep reading what forum members have to say about various MSCs. Some NEVER have bonuses or any higher paid shops; others are known for letting shoppers move up to better paid shops. Some will let schedulers respond positively to emails requesting additional pay for hard-to-fill locations. Note: the end-of-month and end-og-calendar-quarter periods are the best times to find big bonus opportunities.

Also, take "baby steps" to learn to build profitable routes by first doing 2-3 shops in a day that are close together and/or have sufficient total fees to justify time and travel costs, and/or provide opportunities to try a new type of shops.

Finally, do not ignore reimbursement only shops, or reimbursement with very low fees for things that you would otherwise have to spend you own money for, such as: hair care; oil changes; fuel; groceries; dry cleaning; carpet or window cleaning; car washes;tax preparation; lunches you would otherwise have bought.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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