Hello I am new just so help me along

I am new to this group. Not sure how it works so be kind to me please. Is this group for people all over the USA?

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Yes, this group is for any mystery shopper in the USA (and Canada!). The most important thing to remember for this forum is to NOT mention or ask which mystery shopping company (MSC) shops which specific store. We can say "MSC ABC shops fast food" or ask "Is McDonald's shopped?" but we can NOT state that "MSC ABC shops McDonald's. " There is a list of legitimate MSCs at the bottom of this page. Sign up with as many as you can. Be conscientious, follow all guidelines to the letter, don't "flake" (not do a shop you've agreed to do), keep records from the get-go (ALL income earned is required to be reported, so its best to keep up with what you earn and what expenses you've spent to earn it as you go), write your mileage down (you'll need it for your taxes - beginning mileage and ending mileage for the year AND mileage for your shops. I write down my mileage when I leave home and when I return each time I head out for a shopping trip. Don't include personal mileage. I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of all jobs I've accepted with the date, MSC, address, amount I've contracted to get paid, expenses, mileage, date paid, etc - this will help with not forgetting to do a shop that you accepted but aren't scheduled to do for another couple weeks. And it contains most of the information you'll need when filing taxes). Ask questions, but remember to not link an MSC with a specific company anywhere in the thread. And enjoy!
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